The hospital scene

Days of busy routine had kept me away from wtiting something good and inspiring. Even at times relaxed either the brain takes rest or the body refuses to do work. Alas i got an opportunity where i could say, “Isnt there anything to do?” Surely, the title must have answered your curiosity. It was when i had to go to hospital. Well dont worry; the patient is my friend. And hence the waiting duty has to be mine.

I always believed that any place, starting from your office desk to your toilet seat and now even a chair at the waiting section of the hospital could be transformed radically into an insight bank. Just you need to keep your eyes open and cast light to the ideas that flow.

You could see a wide variety of people around. Lets start from the reception. We have few beautiful girls with a load of make up and carefully dressed hair. Seriously, they are adorable in their uniform sarees. They smile so pleasingly to anyone who comes near. There can be no reason why they should smile genuinely to people they meet the 1st time. They are trained to carry a plastic smile on their face. Well they are good at that, and i appreciate that.

Then we have the patients of all sorts. Some have fever…they are casual visitors. Some like the hospital so much that they stay few days under the care of doctors and nurses. Then there are people who have no immediate purpose. They just come to check whether everything is moving well or not. They are people who give blood and urine in small glass bottles.

Now, we have some philanthropists who have lot of love for the humanity that they donate their red life giving fluid to others. Great job, blood donors.

And we have doctors, nurses, technicians, pharmacy staff who render their valuable service for your welfare. Well, of course good things are never free.

And there comes the last category. The billing counter… this is where i stopped to think the most. Health has become a matter of money; a commodity. And thats where i start to think whether a hospital works as a business group or not. No offence meant. But isnt it a reality these days. If the focus is moving away from the ethical mission of providing health care and supporting life…then its time u should think on it.

And alas there is one more thing. One more category never thought of. Its a question whether we should include them in a hospital scene… but they are inevitable too. The ones like me who patiently come with the patients and the by-standers. We spend our times with no work, no salary. Some get bored and some like me write a post after a long time. And thats how we made different wild insights from being sitting on an iron chair waiting for the doctor.


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