Consecrated Life: A Call to Greater Authenticity

As the perceptions of the society is changing in terms of its social, economic and spiritual arenas, it becomes our obligation to have a better understanding on Consecrated life. As the word literally demands, consecrated life is set apart for God and His divine service. And as members of the chosen race, it is a basic attitude towards God, for whom we live with trust and faith.
We live in a scenario where vocations are decreasing on a per annum scale and is being widely criticized all over the world. But let’s consider the facts that in renouncing world from certain points of view, they gave up their whole life. And this speaks of the significance of consecration. For, it isn’t a superficial thing to give up one’s dreams, ambitions, the right to choose his ways and so on. But still there is a gain; a gain of deeper sense of life. There is a gain of love of God, above all desires and attractions of the world. This is where we find authenticity in God’s call. Authenticity is not an easy accomplishment, and to be perfectly authentic, require a good delicacy of discernment.
We know that religious are among the principal social workers of any apostolic activity of the Church. But they could be too absorbed in their dynamism that they neglect what they are and what they should be as people of consecration. A deep contemplative spirituality shall help to overcome this danger. But I would never say that they should be confined within the wall of a room and just pray incessantly. They should reach out to the world as it cries out its needs. For the apostolate of he Church ultimately aims for the greater glory of the God and salvation of souls and its success is attained by the grace of ever-living Holy Spirit. Actually, the Consecrated life cannot be limited under a particular category. It is an overall reality comprising all spheres of life ranging from academics and spirituality to activity and leadership.

It won’t be an exaggeration if I say, consecrated life is a beauty; indeed, not found on the first day of ordination or profession. It is a beauty found in weariness, in despair, in the poor and in God. It is the beauty of cross, the highest eternal beauty that a soul can know.
To conclude, let us look into the gospel lines that say he who loses everything will gain it; and of course, gain it for the ultimate union with Christ, his beloved. Blessed are the ones who are called by God to a complete sacrifice. Blessed are the ones who are called to a greater authenticity.


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